"Hel​ping you achieve your health goals, naturally."

I support my clients as they create health and lifestyle goals. Helping them address dietary issues that may include weight management, food craving, sleep, energy, stress management or digestion and intestinal health. I offer assistance with menu planning, shopping, storing or cleaning methods and preparation and cooking methods.

I support my clients as they create health and lifestyle goals. Helping them address dietary issues that may include weight management, food craving, sleep, energy, stress management or digestion and intestinal health. I work with my clients by empowering them make more conscious lifestyle and behavior changes surrounding their health concerns. I believe that we need a balanced diet of live, natural and good quality foods. Sweets and processed foods cause disease and trigger negative physiological and emotional changes. I advocate for eating seasonal fruit, lots of locally grown vegetables, moderate protein and good healthy fats every day.

Exercise is an integral part of a good health and wellness regime. This activity is a personal choice but I recommend making a commitment. Having a buddy go too if possible helps to encourage good attendance and makes the workout/practice/or game more fun. Exercise improves the body, mind spirit. Be true to yourself. It takes insight and honesty to understand our own strengths and weaknesses. A healthy body, mind and soul are crucial to having a healthy outlook. A mind that is well fed and nourished will make better choices and be less impulsive. A body that is fueled with real food and natural supplements will provide better energy, better stability, and better endurance. A soul that feels peace, contentment and acceptance is better able to be present, happier, more optimistic and generous.

The holistic approach, deals with the whole person, and believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. We work toward getting to the root cause of the illness or imbalance. Recommendations are based on a variety of symptoms that represent the early stages of illness before they develop into more serious problems. Nutritional Consultants deal with each person individually, offering recommendations specific to their personal needs. We look at the long-term impact and implications of additives, preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, and are critical of short-term studies that suggest these chemicals, such as artificial sweeteners, are safe for human consumption.

I support the use of natural supplements but caution that these supplements need to be scrutinized and monitored. This is a great role for a Holistic Nutritionist. Supplements can be indispensable in the recommended form, dose and frequency.

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Scope of Registered Holistic Nutritionists

Acknowledge that each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.  


Awareness of the meaning holistic nutrition: the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit, and the importance of addressing these interactive factors which are unique to each individual.

Promotion of whole, locally grown and organic foods, sustainable farming practices, and the necessity of living in a non toxic environment.

Understanding that prevention and self- responsibility are fundamental to any successful health care program. 
Recognition that supplementation is not a substitute  for wholesome, nutritious foods but that it may be helpful in recommended form, dose and frequency.

Respect for clients; respect for their wellness goals, and for their personal tastes, morals, social, and life values. 

Acceptance of the unique contribution of the other health care providers, and the need to work co-operatively with them regardless of their discipline, holistic or allopathic. 

Main Practices of Registered Holistic Nutritionists

Document a clients goals, needs and plans;

Evaluate clients food selection, preparation and intake;

Evaluate lifestyle and overall feeling of wellbeing;

Evaluate clients use of supplements;

Identify clients nutritional imbalance(s) and lifestyle habits;

Work with health care professionals, if applicable, in order to determine all nutritional and lifestyle -changing needs of the client, Including referring client to other health care professionals as deemed appropriate;

Support the progress of the clients health goals, by creating an individual wellness program, which will include the use of whole, nutrient- dense foods menu plans, natural sourced supplements , and lifestyle modifications; including the use of non-toxic environmentally friendly household/personal products;

Provide the further guidance to the client, if necessary, by explaining food labels, and by offering food preparation techniques and shopping tips;

Guide the client to the implementation of a long term health plan, provide education when necessary, and offer ongoing assessments; 

Monitor a clients personal health plan in order to reinforce participation in the achievement of the health goals;

Act as a community educator to the public and other health care professionals, developing curriculum, preparing manuals, writing articles, publishing books, and teaching;

Promote health discussions in schools, industry, and community agencies;

Bring holistic nutrition knowledge, principles, and philosophy to other professions.

Code of Ethics of Registered Holistic Nutritionists

As a graduate of the Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition (CSNN),  a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), I agree to following the code of ethics set out by the CSNN.

Maintain an interest in the wellbeing of all human beings, regardless of color, creed or nationality, and the care of the planet Earth. 

Respect the right of the client as an individual in all respects, as to personal tastes, morals and social values. 

Be non-judgemental as to the life values and experiences of the client.

Treat the client under all circumstances with due concern for the dignity of the individual.

Respect the confidential nature of his/her relationship with the client and protect the confidentiality of assessments and recorded documents.

Guide and counsel  his/her client in the best way to achieve optimal health through natural nutrition, but always respect the right and need for the client to make the final decision in all wellness plans.

Teach the client to accept responsibility for his/her own health care choices and actions 

and accept responsibility for the consequences of his/her own acts.

Provide professional services only in those areas in which he/she has competence and training.

Recognize the need to work co-operatively with other disciplines, holistic or allopathic, to best serve the clients need, respecting the unique contribution of each discipline.

Respect differences of opinion and  exercise tact and diplomacy in interpersonal relations.

Resolve to improve and maintain his/her professional competence in the field of natural nutrition and holistic health care.